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In Spring 2004, CSC will be offering several new communications workshops.  Email us for details!









We offer customized, professional consulting solutions to improve clients' business speaking skills.  CSC works with companies and individuals in the Boston, MA area.
  • English speech improvement
  • Articulation and pronunciation
  • Focus on the rhythm of American speech
  • Accent mitigation
  • Aspects of voice mechanics
  • Enhanced professional confidence
  • Improved business relationships

What Is Speech Consulting?

Successful use of one’s voice is not automatic.  Speech is especially challenging when it still feels like a foreign tongue.  Through Speech Consulting, great improvements can be made in aspects of voice mechanics, articulation and pronunciation, and accent mitigation.  Professional confidence, business relationships and productivity can all be enhanced with Speech Consulting.  Specialized programs will be established with individuals who have a particular interest in improving their presentation skills, business conversation, writing, or other areas of communication.

Who Can Benefit from Speech Consulting?

Speech Consulting is of great benefit to foreign-educated professionals who need improvement in their English speaking and listening skills.  For the most part, these individuals have strong reading, writing, and grammar skills, but have less practice with using clear, understandable American speech patterns.  Speech Consulting trains such professionals to communicate fluidly, simply and effectively.  Grammar or vocabulary assistance may also be provided, but the primary focus of consulting will be on speaking skills.

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