Question: What Is The Meaning Of Hankering?

How do you use hanker in a sentence?

Hanker sentence examplesThe death of an uncle, who had occupied the see of Cortona with great pomp, induced the young Guicciardini to hanker after an ecclesiastical career.

hanker after a quite life.

He adds, “to hanker after a court is below either you or me.”More items….

Where did the word hankering come from?

“The origin of “hanker” is a bit obscure, but most authorities have come to the conclusion that it arose as a form of the verb “to hang” used in a “frequentative” or “repetitive” sense, and originally meant “to hang around, to loiter with expectation or longing.” Thus, in this original sense, a lovesick swain might ” …

What is the meaning of hanker after?

verb desire, want, long for, hope for, crave, covet, wish for, yearn for, pine for, lust after, eat your heart out, ache for, yen for (informal), itch for, set your heart on, hunger for or after, thirst for or after In 1969 I hankered after a floor-length suede coat.

What is the word hankering mean?

intransitive verb. : to have a strong or persistent desire : yearn —often used with for or after.

What is another word for hankering?

SYNONYMS FOR hankering desire, need, yearning, hunger, yen, thirst.

What does nonplussed mean?

English Language Learners Definition of nonplussed formal : so surprised or confused by something that you do not know what to say, think, or do.

What is the meaning of demented with?

Demented is an adjective describing behavior that is crazy, unhinged, or insane. Someone is demented when they have gone off the deep end.

What does Appetency mean?

: a fixed and strong desire : appetite.

Which preposition is used with hanker?

Preposition: It is a word preceding a noun or a pronoun and expressing relation with another word. In the above sentence the meaning suggests that rather gives us order by beginning with “Do not…”. Now according to the rules of the preposition we use “after” after the word HANKER.

How do you use indulge in a sentence?

Indulge sentence examplesIndulge yourselves at the spa with a La Prairie “caviar” treatment. … At the same time the crown prince was able to indulge to the full his personal tastes. … Take time to indulge, taste, smell, relax and pamper. … Do no indulge the sinful nature; rather serve one another in love.More items…

Is hankering a real word?

A hankering is a strong desire for something. If you have a hankering for pizza, you really want some pizza. This is a folksy, informal word that means about the same thing as yearning. … This word is related to a sense of hanker that means to want or crave something.

What does seethe mean?

1 : to suffer violent internal excitement seethe with jealousy. 2a : to be in a state of rapid agitated movement. b : to churn or foam as if boiling. 3 archaic : boil.