Quick Answer: What Do Different Color Passports Mean?

What is a black passport?

Diplomatic – Black diplomatic passports are issued to Foreign Service Officers and other persons with diplomatic or comparable status..

Are blue passports being issued?

The new blue passport design is now being issued. Blue passports will be phased in over a number of months. If you renew your passport during this initial period, you may be issued with either a blue or a burgundy British passport. … All British passports issued from mid-2020 will be blue.

According to the World Service Authority website, some World Passports have reportedly been accepted on a case-by-case basis by over 180 countries (i.e., they have been stamped with a national visa or entry or exit stamp), and according to the World Service Authority some countries in the past accorded the document …

Which country has a red passport?

Citizens of nations with a communist history like Slovenia, Serbia, Latvia, Romania, Russia, Poland, and Georgia use red passports.

Who has a blue passport?

In Europe, people from Iceland, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina carry blue passports, while it is a popular colour in central and south America – including in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Uruguay and Venezuela. Other nations to have blue passports include Israel, Iraq, Syria and North Korea.

Is Indian passport powerful?

Passport Power Ranking and visa-free travel As of September 2019, The Passport Index ranks Indian passport 82th place on global ranking with 76 mobility ranking (based on visa-free or visa on arrival access to nations or territories).

What countries can you visit with a Japanese passport?

Japanese can visit 190 countries and territories without a visa, but Japan has a visa waiver program with only 68, including the U.S., the U.K, Germany, France and South Korea. Citizens of countries such as China, India and the Philippines need a visa to visit Japan.

Are passports free for military?

The first type of passport is called a “no fee” passport. This type of passport is issued to military and other government personnel who are traveling abroad on government orders. As you may have guessed, the government provides it free of charge. To get your no-fee passport, contact your Installation Travel Office.

How strong is Finnish passport?

Additionally, Arton Capital’s Passport Index ranked the Finnish passport second in the world, with a visa-free score of 165 (tied with Danish, Dutch, German, Luxembourgish, Norwegian, South Korean, Swedish and United States passports), as of 30 July 2018.

What is a red passport?

Red. This is the most common color. Passports with a red cover are often chosen by countries with a historical or current communist system. Citizens of Slovenia, China, Serbia, Russia, Latvia, Romania, Poland, and Georgia have red passports.

Which country has the coolest passport?

These 10 Countries Have The World’s Coolest Passports EverFinland. The Finnish government’s idea to make the passport secure is uniquely interesting. … Norway. The Norwegian passport is a piece of excellent artwork depicting the country’s natural landscapes in pastel shades. … Australia. … Canada. … China. … Indonesia. … Philippines. … Austria.More items…•

What Colour are new passports?

The introduction of blue passports will be phased in and, from mid-2020, all new passports will be blue to replace their burgundy predecessors.

How powerful is a US passport?

The most powerful passports in the world in 2021, ranked. The Henley Passport Index is an annual ranking of the most powerful passports in the world based on how many destinations the holder can enter without a visa. … A US passport provides access to 185 destinations in 2021, giving it a seventh-place ranking.

Does the color of your passport mean anything?

The color of the passport is nothing more nor less than the emblem of a government. Based on the country’s political and cultural preferences, as well as their belonging to a region of the world, it is the States themselves that define the color of the passport’s cover.

What colors are passports?

Passports are only made in shades of blue, red, green, and black. You might assume that this is because of regulations governing which colors passports can be, but there’s actually no official rule dictating acceptable passport color.

What color is Canada passport?

blueCanada issues around 5 million travel documents a year. Of these, 98% are regular (blue) passports.

Why are there only 4 passport Colours?

According to them, the four colours that passports are manufactured in look the most official. The dark colours also hide signs of dirt and wear and tear. Countries choose them because blue, green, red and black look more official than, say, neon pink.

Do you get a passport stamp in Antarctica?

Antarctica. Though not technically a country, this continent is managed by more than 50 nations. There’s no official passport stamp, but visitors can get souvenir ones at the various scientific stations based there.

Which passport is the strongest?

JapanJapan has the most powerful passport in the world — a feat the Asian nation continues to hold on to — according to the Henley Passport Index, which ranks passports worldwide.

What is the number 1 passport in the world?

Germany Now Has the Most Powerful Passport in the World. Germany’s passport dominates the Passport Index by Arton Capital at the moment. Due to current COVID-19 travel restrictions, Germany tops Arton Capital’s Passport Index with visa-free access to 134 destinations.

Is Canadian passport powerful?

Passports are ranked by their total visa-free score, as well as visas they may acquire upon arrival. The Arton Capital Passport Index has released its October 2020 ranking of the world’s most powerful passports and Canada ranked among the strongest.

What color is a tourist passport?

blue passportsThe blue passports are also called regular passports, ordinary passports or tourist passports. They have a blue cover and are issued to most of the US citizens with the goal to travel abroad.

Why are passports black?

Replacing the burgundy-coloured European Union document, the new UK passport has been described as a return to the “traditional colour”. … He suggests the colour is charcoal, maybe with a hint of blue. But if it is blue, “it must be the most apologetic shade of blue they could find” because “it’s as black as blue gets”.

What color is China passport?

China issues a red diplomatic passport to the government official traveling abroad. In this case, it is believed that red represents the communist government. But, China’s public passport for the general population has a black cover.

What does a blue passport mean?

What countries have a blue passport? … The colour blue symbolises “the new world” and 15 Caribbean countries use this colour for the passports. The block of South American countries, including, Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay, also use the blue passport – the cover symbolising the connection with Mercosur, a trade union.

What color is a government passport?

Brown passportsBrown passports are “Official” passports for US government employees and contractors and US military personnel. The brown Official passports are only to be used while traveling on US government business, so many Official passport holders also have blue Personal passports that they use for other travel.

Which country has the weakest passport in the world?

AfghanistanThe weakest passport was Afghanistan with visa-free access to only 26 countries….Ranking of Passports with the Greatest Visa-Free Access.Number of CountriesPassport191Japan190Singapore189Germany, South Korea188Finland, Italy4 more rows•Feb 7, 2020